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Gigapixelated cities

UPDATE: Most “gigapixelated” city now is London. Jeffrey Martin created 80 Gpix photo of this great city. You can view it here.

Down bellow is a list of most-“gigapixelated” cities. Although panorama of Budapest is largest at the moment, I don’t like how it looks at maximum zoom. My favorites are Paris and Prague (18 GPix).

London, United Kingdom 80 GPix
Budapest, Hungary 70 GPix
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 67 GPix
Dubai 45 GPix
Paris, France 26 GPix
Dresden, Germany 26 GPix
Prague, Czech Republic 18 GPix, 1,2 GPix
Tromsø, Norway 13,3 GPix
Harlem, New York, USA 13 GPix
Narvik, Norway 6,7 GPix
Warsaw, Poland 6 GPix
Bergen, Norway 6,3 GPix, 4,8 GPix
Bodø, Norway 5,4 GPix
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 5,02 GPix
Kocani, Macedonia 4,9 GPix
Ålesund, Norway 2,7 GPix
Trondheim, Norway 1,7 GPix
Stokmarknes, Norway 1 GPix
Chicago, USA 1 GPix
Oslo, Norway 0,3 GPix

Resources: GigaPan.org, GigaPix.no